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Usage: tile [OPTION...] [--] [ window-id ]
Uses wmctrl(1) to (very simplistically) rearrange windows on
the current desktop so that they are tiled as far as possible. No
window will be moved off the desktop.

window-id: <window id>|:SELECT:|:ACTIVE: (default)|window title
regex|CLASS=<regex>|all (this desktop)|ALL (global).

There are options to re-size all the windows to a common size - in
that case, once the screen is tiled, there is not much point in having
the window decorations and they are removed (fluxbox only).


  -2, --half                 set all windows to 1/2 screen (1x2).
  -3, --third                set all windows to 1/3 screen (3x1).
  -4, --quarter              set all windows to 1/4 screen (2x2).
  -6, --sixth                set all windows to 1/6 screen (3x2).
  -8, --eighth               set all windows to 1/8 screen (4x2).
  -9, --ninth                set all windows to 1/9 screen (3x3).
  -a, --avoid                avoid placing windows astride the centre - mainly
                             for dual display.
  -b, --border               reduce window decor to BORDER (fluxbox only) even
                             if we're not changing the size
  -d, --debug                debug.
  -f, --no-fluxbox           don't use fluxbox commands.
  -g, --graphic              draw graphic
  -H, --horizontal           place horizontally (default is vertical
  -l, --limit-to-cons        limit to windows on the current console
  -n, --dry-run              dry run.
  -p, --pad                  Extra padding - up to 4 numbers
      --ratio=NxM            set all windows to any fraction of the screen (N
                             horizontally and M vertically).
  -s, --no-strict            don't place strictly - not all parts of every
                             window need be onscreen.
  -S, --small-first          place smallest windows first (default is largest
  -v, --verbose              be verbose
  -h, --help                 print this help message
  -V, --version              print version and exit
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