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These are useful in manipulating photos (jpegs). They depend on my library - see Unix Scripts - and these external packages are required jhead(1), jpgtrans(1), netpbm-progs (pnmscale(1)), libjpeg (djpeg(1), cjpeg(1))


erect-jpeg - rotate a photo so that it displays correctly by examining the Orientation Exim information in the file. Uses xargs(1) to parallelise operations to as many CPUs as it can find.

usage for label-photos


label-photos - view *.jpg files and prompts for a label for each, putting the label into the Exif comment field. It also recurses through any directories called zoom, applying the same label to photos of the same name.

usage for label-photos


rename-jpeg-by-date - renames jpg files according to the date reported by jhead

usage for rename-jpeg-by-date


resize-jpeg - size a jpeg so that the longest side is the required number of pixels and the other side is scaled.

usage for resize-jpeg


shrink-jpeg - passes photos through djpeg(1) and cjpeg(1) which can result in a size reduction of about 50% without compromising much on quality. The amount of shrinkage depends on the camera, of course.

usage for shrink-jpeg

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