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backup-copy - my backup script - using this, I can keep a backup at a cost of only about 2Mb/day. Uses the hard-linking power of rsync(1)

usage for backup-copy


ff - recursively find files (wrapper for find(1))

usage for ff


fs - recursively search for patterns in files (wrapper for find(1) and grep(1))

usage for fs


fit - fits a bunch of files/directories into CD or DVD sized subdirectories ready for burning

usage for fit


m - pretty display of man pages (needs 'v' and a postscript or pdf viewer) eg m less to get a pretty man page for less(1)

usage for m


mass-mv - renames and or moves files according to a regex; can also clean up filenames removing whitespace and/or weird characters

usage for mass-mv


myscreendump - Take a screendump with a choice of Window, screen, rectangle, root. Require, netpbm & ImageMagick.

usage for myscreendump


newest - recursively list files in directories in date order. If called as oldest, reverse the sort direction. If called as biggest or smallest list by file size.

usage for newest


r - run a command with sudo or popup a root xterm

usage for r


refactor - uses find(1) and sed(1) to search and replace

usage for refactor


v - view or execute any type of file going rather beyond the scope of lessopen - in the simple case of a text file this is just shorthand for less(1)

usage for v


vnc - run vncserver or x11vnc remotely and vncviewer locally over ssh(1) (assumes you have passwordless ssh(1) access).

usage for vnc


xcheck - runs a command (usually under X) and, if there's an error, shows stdout and stderr in a popup window eg xcheck – remote-x11vnc -x xdm.

Requires zenity.

usage for xcheck

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