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Usage: half-screen [OPTION...] [--] [ win-filter ]
Resize to a fraction of the available screen.
Acts on the focus window unless 'win-filter' (eg 0x042000a3 wmctrl) is given: 
<window id>|:SELECT:|:ACTIVE: (default)|window title regex|CLASS=<regex>|all
(this desktop)|ALL (global)

  -1, --one                  set to full screen (1x1)
  -2, --half                 set to 1/2 screen (1x2)
  -3, --third                set to 1/3 screen (3x1)
  -4, --quarter              set to 1/4 screen (2x2)
  -6, --sixth                set to 1/6 screen (3x2)
  -8, --eighth               set to 1/8 screen (4x2)
  -9, --ninth                set to 1/9 screen (3x3)
  -a, --any=NxM              set to any fraction of the screen
  -d, --stretch-d            stretch down
      --debug                debug
  -f, --no-fluxbox           don't use fluxbox commands
  -i, --ignore-stuts         Don't take struts (toolbar/slit) into account. Use
                             the console physical size.
  -l, --stretch-l            stretch left
      --max-horiz            maximise horizontally
      --max-vert             maximise vertically
  -n, --dry-run              dry run
      --no-backup            don't throw the backup file
  -p, --print                just print WIDTH & HEIGHT for the requested window
  -r, --stretch-r            stretch right
  -u, --stretch-u            stretch up
  -v, --verbose              be verbose
  -h, --help                 print this help message
  -V, --version              print version and exit

Mandatory or optional arguments to long options are also mandatory or optional
for any corresponding short options.
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