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Usage: find-app [OPTION...] [--] application [options] [arguments]
Try to find an existing process for the application, and give
it the focus. If not found, a new instance will be started.

Note that it searches 'wmctrl -l' for the command. Programs that get
started through intermediate processes eg firefox can end up with
different process names than the initial process - running 'firefox'
actually starts up /usr/lib/firefox-

Requires wmctrl(1).

  -g, --goto                 Go to the application's desktop instead of
                             bringing it here.
  -k, --kill                 Kill an existing application if it's not on this
  -l, --lookfor=prog         Look for <prog> in 'wmctrl -l' output instead of
  -v, --verbose              be verbose
  -x, --exec=prog            Run 'prog' instead of 'application'.
  -h, --help                 print this help message
  -V, --version              print version and exit

Mandatory or optional arguments to long options are also mandatory or optional
for any corresponding short options.
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